sábado, 8 de enero de 2011

SLAVES UNITED welcome message you should read

WORLD ROCK is the artistic evolution invented by LUCKY SAINT LUIS in the 70s
WORLD ROCK is a social cultural movement description linking into SLAVES UNITED
Straight from here we move into EVOLUTION of democracies, societies, finance systems and world as it should be

WE DO NOT write endless blogs about whats going on and what is not going on. This is a dead end road and always have been. The famous minority factor of 10% can be achieved by many other ways instead.

SLAVES UNITED is a ironical self descrption leading into world movement of Family Asociated (ASFAM) a duly registered civil body of non profit principals. ASFAM carries out further world tendencies and is not limited to SLAVES UNITED.

The aproaches of science and enlightment are base to all movements of ASFAM, still intelligence and knowledge is the most powerfull weapon of human kind and will bring to fall the root of misdirection.

We dont have any kind of religious believers base but do welcome religious believers from all existing religions as long as everybody is generous enough to allow the other to believe in whatever he wishes to believe.

We dont follow any sort of political parties ideas and are not to be confused with any of them from extreme right to extreme left, from monarchy to parlament, from socialism to fascism. This left behind to the folks whom dont want to change.

We are not fighting iluminati, we are to remove iluminate from the face of this world, so we do with all its servants by fithing greed and speculation.

Reaching more than 10 million people already and remaining in the deep of the shadow do not expect us to act by the way of marketing and publicity established by the rotten system.

Any new member is welcome but got to answer questions before aproval. We are not romantic warriors in the style of Robin Hood nor half done rebels like Ghandi or bible speechers. We ARE the NEXT GENERATION of human family sense worldwide!